Tips for Buying Metal Framing Products

Buying metal framing products can be a daunting task. This is because there are so many different types of metals, gauges and finish options to choose from. This blog post will provide you with some tips on what to look for when purchasing these items to make the best decision for your project needs.

The tips

1. Gauge

First, you need to understand that gauge is a basic measurement of thickness. The lower the number in regards to metal framing products, the thicker it will be. So if you are looking for something lighter and easier to work with than – say, 16-gauge material – consider purchasing a 14-gauge product instead. This can help when considering which size fastener I to use since dimensions may vary slightly between gauges (for example, 12″ vs 13″).

2. Finish

This is where aesthetic preferences come into play. Metal framing products are available in a variety of finishes such as mill, satin and bright finish. The most popular choices among homeowners for metal framing products are the first two options since they look nicer with painted walls or trim work on your home. However, the erectastep calgary and installation process can be very involved if you choose a too dark or shiny finish.

3. Usage

When you are looking to purchase metal framing products, it’s important to consider what type of project you will use them for. For example, if your application requires the product to hold more weight than normal – such as holding up a bookcase or large mirror on the wall – then get something stronger like steel (which is much heavier) instead of Aluminum (which can be lightweight and easy to handle).

If this is not an issue, though, aluminium framing products tend to work best in these types of projects because they are lighter and less expensive than some other choices. 

4. Price

Finally, you should consider the cost. Metal framing products are available in a wide range of prices depending on the materials used to make them and their intended usage. For example, steel tends to be more expensive than Aluminum because it is much heavier, which means materials costs are higher for this metal type. But if your budget can afford it, it is recommended to use steel at all times since its strength adds greater functionality over other choices that might not work as well or last as long under certain circumstances. 

5. Length

As a final tip, it may be best to purchase metal framing products in longer lengths. This is beneficial because you can always cut them down with shears or similar tools if the need arises instead of buying two pieces and connecting them later on, which can result in undesirable results if done improperly.

6. Costs

Aluminium framing products are the most inexpensive option. Steel is next in line, followed by copper and brass with their higher price tags. For example, steel costs about $100 per linear foot. In comparison, Aluminum runs around $25-50 depending on gauge size (lower number = thicker metal) and finish type – mill or satin vs bright, which can save money due to less material required during installation.


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