Tips for better productivity with Google chrome

Why Google chrome?

If you ask ten people about their primary choice for a web browser, at least nine will say Google chrome. This specific browser is popular enough to be used in almost all countries where the internet is available. There are so many reasons for this insane popularity. Some of these reasons are as follows,

  • Chrome’s user interface is simple and you can start your search right away.
  • The number of features available in Google chrome is high than any other web browser out there.
  • Chrome allows you to have so many extensions to do some tasks at ease other than simply browsing.
  • All websites will load fast with chrome and you need not get irritated with the delays.
  • Google chrome is completely free to use.

If you get tempted with these benefits and wish to download them, you can go for sites that provide google chrome free downloads. The browser will be up and running within a few minutes. However, having chrome alone will not be that much beneficial as most features and abilities are hidden. In this article, let us look at a few tips for all the Google chrome users to increase their productivity in brief.

Tips to follow while using Google chrome

Use the multiple-page start-up option

Google chrome lets you open multiple pages at once without beginning with a single new page. It gives you a considerable advantage as you can easily go to whatever sites you want. It will increase productivity online.

Use the pinning option

You can pin certain tabs on Google chrome. Pinning is helpful in two ways. At first, whatever tabs you pin on chrome will never go away even if you close the chrome fully. The next time you open, you can see the pinned tabs staying there. So, you can pin the vital tabs that you would revisit often instead of opening each tab again. Secondly, pinning will let you easily multitask. As a pinned tab will be indicated only by the icon instead of the whole title bar, you will get more space at the top and you can switch to the desired tabs easily. Else, you will lose some tabs as they would go out of the screen when the count of tabs increase.

Use the Omnibox

Chrome’s URL box is also known as the Omnibox. It is not only used to display the URL but will also be helpful in cases of mathematical queries. For instance, if you type 10+5 on this box, you will see 15 (the sum) of the two according to your query. Likewise, you can know a lot of mathematical answers using this box. As it provides answers fast without you opening something else, it helps you to be productive.

Make shortcuts

On the homepage of Google chrome, you can notice a + symbol. You can add some shortcuts to the websites that are needed often using this button. If you click such shortcuts, those websites will get opened without entering their URLs.


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