Spray foam insulation tulsa ok Is a Good Investment for Your Home

Spray foam insulation tulsa ok is a kind of spray plastic that may be used to insulate and air-seal roofs, corners, walls, and other curved surfaces. It is made up of several liquid components that react quickly to form a foam.

Spray Foam Insulation Types

There are two types: open and closed cell (this can also be broken down and classified as low, medium, and high-density foam insulation). Closed-cell insulation is less expensive and uses fewer chemicals. It’s a great air barrier, but not a water vapor barrier. With correct installation, it may also act as a sound barrier.

Closed-cell foam insulation may operate as a water vapor barrier because it is thicker and more compact than open-cell foam insulation. Its form also allows it to be used both inside and outdoors (including roofs).


Among the many benefits of utilizing Spray foam insulation tulsa ok in your home or business are:

First and foremost, it may help you save money on power. It resists air and moisture intrusion. Studies have shown that inadequate insulation may cause a home to lose up to 40% of its overall energy. It adds support to the building’s structure. It may help reduce dust and pollen collection. It is permanent and requires no further care or upkeep.

How does it work?

Installing this form of insulation is faster and less difficult than you may expect. As the liquid is sprayed, it soon hardens and thickens, forming a dense, hard foam. It may be used everywhere; however, due to its flammability, it must be used in conjunction with an ignition source if it is put near a flame (such as a water tank or furnace).

Should You DIY Spray Foam Insulation?

It is possible to acquire DIY foam insulation kits and several online directions to accomplish the process. If you have no experience working on such tasks, it is best to leave it to the professionals. People who want this kind of insulation installed in their homes should hire a professional since it requires specific handling equipment.

Spray Foam Insulation as a Fiberglass and Cellulose Alternative

While it may seem more enticing to use standard fiberglass, there are some drawbacks. Before making an educated selection, it’s vital to understand all of your options.

Fiberglass still let air through, defeating the purpose of installing it.

Because they are made of archaic materials, they may not meet current construction codes.

While spray foam insulation is permanent, fiberglass and cellulose insulation may droop with time, diminishing total insulation effectiveness.

Traditional insulation may still absorb water, causing mold growth, costly repairs, or even property ruin.

Fiberglass and cellulose are dusty, allowing contaminants into the home and triggering allergies. Unlike spray foam insulation, fiberglass insulation may harbor bugs and serve as a breeding ground. Spray foam insulation is a great option for both new and retrofit projects. It is a low-cost, safe, and effective insulating substance. With so many insulation alternatives accessible today, this kind of insulation offers several benefits to the contemporary homeowner.


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