Investment Immigration Strategies – How to Achieve Better Healthcare and Residency Status

Investment Immigration is an immigration visa on INA203(b). It provides the application of an unconditional U.S. green card (immigrant visa) through a scheme to generate new jobs in the United States under the scheme. The scheme is for the persons who have the skills and who are otherwise not eligible under the Immigration Rules.

The main scheme for this is the Investment Immigration Visa (IBV). This is provided for investors who would like to migrate to the United States as skilled workers or investors who are otherwise qualified persons having special immigrant status in the United States under the federal law as allies, subject to the conditions laid down by the Secretary of State. Many regional centers provide advice on this.

The canada investment immigration visa (IBV) and the scheme to invest are different in terms of the duration of stay. The investor may choose the period not more than 5 years if he/she does not have any dependents. It depends on the condition that the investor must reside for at least one year in the United States before the investment immigration. A person who enters the scheme and who is eligible for the scheme may sponsor only one spouse and the dependent children and dependent parents may not be sponsored by any such person.

The investor must process faster so that the visa gets approved in record time. There are many reasons for this. The investment program speeds up the processing of immigration paperwork. Also, the investment program is cheaper than the other options of immigration. The processing time of the immigration program allows the investor to apply for a green card much faster.

Many immigrants who come to the United States do not have high-quality education when they first come to the country. So it becomes very important for an investor to provide high-quality education for his/her spouse and children. The higher the educational level of the immigrant, the easier will be the processing of his immigration application. This is a very good strategy to help investors who come to the country with low educational qualifications attain the desired status.

When you decide to invest in the United States, you must make sure that you follow the right strategies and take the right actions. You should know the requirements of different countries for their immigration goals. An investor can sponsor one or more relatives who cannot obtain a green card for their reasons. So it is very important to make sure that you fill the application forms as per the requirement of the country and the investor’s citizenship to achieve the best results in investment immigration.


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