How to Gain More followers on Instagram: The Formula That Will Increase Your Growth

With over 500 million monthly active users, Instagram is a great way to promote your brand. However, it can be hard to grow your followers on Instagram without spending a lot of money on ads. Luckily, there are some ways you can increase your growth for free! 

In this article, we’ll go through some of the best strategies that you can use. And if they’re not enough, we have a few resources for you to explore at the end. So let’s jump right in and take a look at how to gain more followers on Instagram!

Why You Should Use Instagram

First off, what are the benefits of using Instagram for your business?

Instagram is an excellent marketing tool for your business, as you can:

1. Engage with your audience

2. Create and promote your brand

3. Get your products in front of your audience

4. Have more sales leads

5. Target your audience

6. Maximize the conversion rate for sales leads

7. SEO ranking

Instagram offers a tremendous amount of benefits, so you’ll want to take advantage of it. And not only does Instagram help with the growth of your business, but it also enhances your overall reach. 

In other words, you can use Instagram to build a strong brand image for your company, increase your number of customers, and allow you to tell a story to your target audience.

How to Gain More Followers on Instagram

Start with Conversion Rate Optimization, also called CRO, is when you take your business or product and use it in a different way to encourage conversions. For example, if you sell videos on YouTube, then use them for streaming on Instagram. This would essentially improve your conversion rate.

Figure out Your Ideal Audience

Do you have a clear idea of who your ideal audience is? If so, then it’s a simple process to find out the key social media users who are likely to follow you.

Do an Inbound Marketing Audit

In an inbound marketing audit, you analyze your competitors and look for what’s working for them. You do this by looking at how they use their social profiles, how they rank on social media platforms, and their demographics.

Tips to Increase Your Growth

There are tons of ways to grow your Instagram followers. These include, but are not limited to.

Increasing Your Retweet Limit

This is a great way to gain more followers. It’s a feature that’s similar to Twitter. In this way, you’re able to share a link to your Instagram photos. If someone clicks on the link, they can see your posts and start following you as a result.

You can do this by increasing your follower limit, which allows more followers to follow you. However, increasing your follower limit can also be a strategy that’s used to drive up followers. Instagram is a social media app, and people like to know who is following them. They will continue to follow someone who follows them even after their follower limit has been reached.


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