How to extend the life of your roof

Proper ventilation, insulation, and regular cleaning might add several years to the roof’s lifespan and, in the process, save you money by having to delay the costs for replacement by the roof repair wilmington nc.  The roof lifespan’s main factors are the material quality and the workmanship when the roof is fixed. Tile roof and a metal roof can last double longer than the asphalt shingles roof, but they will cost you more when installing.

The workmanship is also a factor that you will need to consider because there are several opportunities to do the job in the wrong way and skimp when it comes to the materials. If you are out buying a house, ensure that the roof is inspected and get to know from the seller when the roof was put up.

As a home owner, the primary maintenance of the roof responsibilities include:

  • Keep the gutters clean to avoid unnecessary water damage to the deck board on the lower side of the roof. And the soffit boards and fascia along the gutter line.
  • Remove all the debris from the rool like the tree leaves and branches that might collect along the roof’s valleys.
  • Check out for ice dams which might develop in winter when the roof snow is melted partially
  • The roof has to be professionally inspected after every three years and allow the small repairs to be made if the need be.

Why it is important to have attic ventilation

When the attic ventilation is poor, it will likely cause several problems – which include the roof aging prematurely. During the summer, the attic temperature, which doesn’t have proper airflow, can easily hit 160 degrees. With such an overheated air, the attic insulation can be penetrated. In the process, it might make it hard to ensure that the home remains cool and, in the process, damaging the wallpaper and the floor paint, which is directly below.

On the roof, it can easily fry the shingles, making them easily decay. In the process, the rafters that hold the roof can easily weaken by cracking and warping. During the winter, there are various appliances in the house, showers, bathtubs, and the cooking vapor, contributing to the excess build-up of moisture.

Ventilated attics that are not done properly will allow the moisture to collect and then cling to the roof underside. It will condense and fall when it is soaking the attic’s insulation, reducing its efficiency.

The circulation of air in the attic is normally based on a balance between the vents for air intake in the soffits and the exhaust air or near the roof’s peak.  It is recommended that a minimum of about 1 foot square of the attic ventilation both for the exhaust and intake for every 300 feet squared of the attic space.

How insulation can help your roof

When thinking about insulation, you might start thinking about the materials placed in the walls, attics, and other crawl places that retard the heat transfer, helping keep the house and office cooler in summer and winter warmer.  Insulation helps the roof apart from reducing the bills and providing comfort for those staying below; it extends the roof’s lifespan.


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