Learn how to install so player on firestick For The Best IPTV Experience

Gone are the days when you are stuck with watching a few channels on your free TV – offering nothing but the same, old, boring content. That’s why many people are making a subscription to the most popular online streaming services to watch movies, TV shows, and other video content that they want.

But if you want to get the best form of online streaming that still has the feel of watching on free TV, you should subscribe to an IPTV service instead. But upon doing so, you have to make that you have the best video player to use on your Firestick device is streaming the contents.

Why More People Choose IPTV

Sure, there are many videos that you can watch and stream on the most popular online streaming platforms, but they do not always provide the feeling of actually watching TV at home anywhere through your device. This is why IPTV services are getting more popular these days.

Unlike the most popular inline streaming sites, IPTV services offer a wider selection of videos of various kinds, both live and recorded. You can watch live TV channels or stream your favorite TV shows whenever you want. And also, IPTV subscription is more affordable – no wonder more people are switching to install IPTV services on their Firestick systems.

How Can You Download and Install SO Player on Firestick?

Now once you have bought a subscription for any IPTV service of your choice, you need SO Player, the best video player to watch and stream content from your IPTV service. Concerning this, you need to know how to install so player on firestick.

Since you cannot get the player app on the official app store of your Firestick device, you have to download it manually from the most trusted app websites. Make sure to get the newest and most complete version of the app file. Upon downloading, then you can install SO Player in two ways: by Downloader, or by ES File Explorer.

One, you can use the “Downloader” app on your Firestick device. Once you have downloaded the app file, then open the file from Downloader, before selecting the option to install it. Wait for the installation to finish, then once done, launch the player by signing in with the account details of your IPTV subscription.

The other way on how to install so player on firestick is by using the app called ES File Explorer. The process is almost the same as the one from Downloader – upon downloading, open ES File Explorer and search for the app file. Then select it to be installed. Once done,  you can launch it by signing in with your IPTV details as well.

Why You Should Use SO Player for Streaming

You might be wondering – why SO Player, of all other IPTV players out there? This is because SO Player is the number one app in terms of the most recommended video players for IPTV streaming. So if you want to experience the very best out of streaming content and live channels from your IPTV service, all you need is the number video player for that. And based on many online reviews and feedback by other IPTV users, SO Player stands out above the rest.


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