Buy A Star From NASA: Is It Real Or Fiction?

Misconceptions regarding NASA’s ability to sell a star are commonplace. It was formed in 1958 as the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, a federal agency based in the US. One of NASA’s greatest accomplishments is the launch and utilization of space stations, as well as numerous manned and unmanned lunar trips. NASA has also been credited with the discovery of several stars, black holes, and other astronomical objects as a result of its research and observational capabilities.

Star Registrations

Despite the fact that astronomers from all across the planet collaborate in the discovery of new celestial bodies, NASA does not actually allow just anybody to name a star after themselves. Although some observatories or planetariums run fundraisers that allow you to adopt a star, you can’t actually legally own the star. This is a good method for museums to get financial assistance and to get kids interested in astronomy and the stars.

A private star registration service is what customers are seeking when they want to buy a star. Private star registries are not affiliated or connected with NASA in any way, thus purchasing a star through one of them is essentially equivalent to adopting it unofficially.

For The One’s You Love 

After learning this information, you may think buying a star can seem like a hollow purchase, but there are many ways this purchase can make your loved ones happy. Although the recipient will never technically own a star purchased from a star registry, the purchase of a star from such a registry can be a great gift for someone. 

  • Kids – This might be an excellent approach to pique a child’s interest in space and astronomy by giving him or her a beautiful star chart and certificate with the details of that one particular star that you bought for them. 

    If you decide to buy a star, it may be a great family activity to encourage youngsters to become even more interested in searching for their specific star in the sky, which they can do with telescopes. The excitement they feel when they get to stay up and look for their star and the bond you can form with them might make the purchase worth it. 
  • In Loving Memory – Adopting a star in honor of a loved one’s memory is another option. Having a star named after a loved one who has passed away—whether a parent, a sibling or a spouse—can be a meaningful way to remember their memory while also honoring the great influence they have upon your life.
  • Special Occasions – Valentine’s Day, wedding anniversary celebrations, and engagements are all occasions where a star can be an appropriate gift for a loved one. Wooing is all about finding gifts that are not so materialistic, but rather have a spiritual element to them.

A star named in honor of someone can have a profound effect on those who are honored by having their name immortalized in space. Buying jewelry or perfume has a certain allure, but giving a gift from the heart might be more special. While you cannot purchase a star directly from NASA, you can adopt a star in someone’s name through the use of a private star registry. But, next time NASA astronauts are traveling through space, just don’t expect them to stop by your star. 


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