Putting diesel into a petrol car

Wrong fuel in is something that can happen to anyone, and it is very common. Having a lapse in your concentration, a distraction, a vehicle you are unfamiliar with are some of the causes. Every three minutes there is someone across the world who is filling their car with fuel which is not right. 

But what is the worst-case scenario? What will cause the highest damage? To put diesel in the petrol tank or to place petrol in the diesel tank? The following is what will happen when you place the wrong fuel in the car: 

Diesel in the petrol tank 

The mistake occurs less often as compared to placing petrol in the diesel tank, for the reason that the diesel nozzles tend to be bigger as compared to the necks of the petrol tanks. But, it is quite possible especially if you happen to be unfamiliar with the way filling is done, and assume that you require the nozzle to be forced in. In case the nozzle doesn’t fit easily in, you need to take it as a warning that you are filling in the wrong fuel. 

Whereas the diesel gets compressed when there is ignition, the petrol gets ignited using the spark plugs. And since the ignition temperatures tend to be different, the petrol cars will not process the diesel. In case the diesel gets mixed with the petrol, the car will not run. 

Even though it does not sound to be catastrophic as compared to the damage which petrol can easily do to the diesel engine, the tank will require to be cleaned and drained immediately in preventing the components and system from having to get clogged up. 

Petrol in the diesel tank 

The petrol nozzle is going to fit easily in the diesel neck, and thus, it is easy making that mistake. Also, it is known to have more serious consequences. Diesel is known to act as a lubricant while petrol normally does the opposite, which causes friction and a great deal of the damage caused to the injector pump of the fuel. If not dealt with immediately, you might face a complete engine failure which will require that you do a complete replacement. 

What then becomes the outcome? 

If it definitely worse placing petrol in a diesel tank as compared to diesel in a petrol tank. But the best thing that you need to do is avoid either happening: 

  • Try paying close attention when you are doing the filling. You don’t have to use your mobile phone and ensure that you concentrate on the task at hand. The mistakes tend to be easier to make when you get distracted. 

In case the care is unfamiliar or it is new, you need to make sure that you double-check which fuel you are utilizing. The cap of the fuel needs to have a sticker or at least a sign indicating the right fuel. If you fail, you need to look it up in the logbook. 


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