Trends From the Top Women’s Fashion Brands

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that humans are becoming more beauty conscious on an almost daily basis. With everything from makeup to toilet paper that costs a fortune, we’re faced with a quandary – how can we keep our bodies looking so good and still have enough money for all the things we want? The answer, thankfully, is to make some of our own beauty and health products at home. You don’t need to have any experience in making cosmetics or other health products to do it; in fact, it’s simpler than you might think. All you need is a beauty and health product kit, a few basic supplies and some imagination. If you’ve got a hair cutting machine, a nail clipper and some scissors, you can create pretty much anything.

*Beauty Products. Microcurrent Beauty products are nothing new, but they’ve become more sophisticated and targeted toward a specific audience. Nowadays, beauty products include skincare, makeup and even personal care items. These are beauty items that appeal specifically to women. A growing trend toward natural or organic beauty means that skincare products that don’t contain artificial ingredients or synthetic fragrances are also rising in popularity.

As with skincare and makeup, women are trending toward health and beauty items that are manufactured using natural ingredients. Natural products tend to be less expensive, last longer and are safer than makeup and skincare products made with chemicals or synthetics. One trend that is starting to trend is the growing trend toward natural food, which tends to be more affordable than food that is processed.

*Fashion Brands. Just as many women are trending toward natural beauty trends, so are many men. There has been an increased interest in makeup that is not considered mainstream. High fashion brands are getting into the game as well with a growing trend of cosmetics that do not come in the typical small container that most cosmetics came packaged in. Many popular fashion brands such as Maybelline, Cover Girl and L’Oreal have taken it upon themselves to start creating all-natural makeup that appeals to both women and men. Some of these popular fashion brands have expanded their product lines to include both men and women’s makeup in both smaller and larger containers.

*Allemand Says Allemandel. One trend that has emerged in recent years is a growing interest in eco-friendly products. In recent months, a company called Allemand says Allemandel has developed an organic beauty line. Allemand says its new line uses all-natural ingredients and dyes, and will be available in high-end department and specialty stores.

*Hollywood Stars Make Natural Cosmetics a Fashion Trend. Celebrities have long had a big influence on beauty trends. Earlier this year, Paris Hilton was spotted at a hair salon in Los Angeles sporting a rather unusual accessory: a small organic sunflower shaped hair clip. Stars such as Sarah Jessica Parker and Freida Pinto are reported to wear organic products, such as hair clips, loose hair falls and wigs. Organic beauty brands like Organic Redness by Sarah Jessica Parker and Organic Moisture by Freida Pinto are both being featured in magazines this season.


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